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My name is Adeline Ross and I am a senior of graphic design with a minor in language and culture studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. I specialize in visual communication and experiential design, as well as being a notoriously talented people watcher; hoping that my work reaches those who aren't as commonly targeted by designers today or feel neglected by the design world, bringing beautiful work to untouched issues and making these communities feel valued and heard. Happy hunting!


the york plan: city-wide hackathon
the recall system
rocket fuel: interactive package design
most likely to: condos for change
computational linguistics
may 2018
may 2017
october 2017
april 2017
november 2017
february 2018
the mend project
bad batch alert: heroin awareness campaign
march 2018
may 2017
ology: immersive learning
february 2018
a musician's universe: astrolabe packaging
february 2015
experimental photography
may 2018
the recall system